Hoda Kotb from the Today Show asked who could use some money toward a college education and received over 2000 submissions. 

Will Ferrell is starring in a new movie called 'The House' with Amy Pohler. The storyline is about how far parents will go to pay their kids college tuition. As a promotion for the movie, Will and Hoda gave away a $100,000.00 scholarship.

Hoda brings out Samantha Watts, a junior at Ithaca College, and tells her she's a finalist for the huge award. Samatha says she's studying speech pathology and education at Ithaca College and needs a Master to practice.  Most of her college funds have gone to pay for her dad's cancer, so the money would be life- changing. Hoda then breaks the news that she is the recipient of the scholarship.

Will Ferrell runs over and reveals the $100,000.00 check. Tears abound and Samatha says she's flabbergasted.

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