The World's Largest Yard Sale is happening at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 12 - and I think it's safe to say I'm really excited.

The pandemic forced us to cancel the event last year, but now, things are slowly getting back to normal and we're able to host once again. This will be my third yard sale as a personality here on Lite, and I'm really looking forward to it because I believe it's going to be better than ever before. We have over 200 vendors who are looking to get rid of all the things they found while being stuck inside during the COVID quarantine!

Here's just a few reasons why I'm looking forward to being able to go to this event:

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I'm excited to be at an event

Since the pandemic began, events have been canceled and we as a station haven't been able to get out in the community. I started on the morning show in January and since then, I've only been out on location once. I am grateful that we're at a point where more and more are receiving their vaccines and we can be around people again.

I'm excited to shop 'til I drop

I'm not gonna lie. Every time WLYS rolls around, I say to myself "I don't need anything, I don't need anything," and I try really hard to stick to that. Every time, however, I set myself up for failure and end up buying a bunch of different things I didn't know I needed. So, this year, I'm just going to set myself up for success by making a plan TO buy things. That way, I'm not disappointed in myself.

I'm excited to meet you

I talk to so many people on a daily basis, and I crave the moment when I can put a face to a name. I hope you're planning on coming to the WLYS so I can finally meet you! I can't wait for all of the conversations, the reminiscing and the feedback of how you feel about our show.

The World's Largest Yard Sale is sponsored by the Potting Shed Antiques and U Call We Haul. It's happening from 8AM to 3PM at 133 Cemetery Street in Frankfort. Tickets are only $2.

I hope to see your smiling face there!

Maybe you'll find some of these gems while you're there?

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