We all have a bedtime routine that we follow. Most of us slip into pajamas, brush our teeth, wash our face, and then what we do from there branches off in different directions. Some lay in bed and scroll through Facebook while others read a book, and yet others close their eyes and slip off to sleep immediately.

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No matter what your bedtime routine is, there is something that every single one of us to make a priority every single night - closing our bedroom door.

According to UL, the leader in global safety science, nearly 60 percent of us sleep with our bedroom door open and that's a big problem. According to the Department of Homeland Security, closing the door to your bedroom before you hit the pillow could mean life or death in the event your house catches fire.

If your house were to catch fire and your bedroom door was open, you would be exposed to temperatures above 1,000 degrees, massively low oxygen levels, and extremely toxic carbon monoxide levels.

By closing the door before bed, you're literally giving yourself a fighting chance if the worst imaginable were to happen. When your bedroom door is closed, you have a bit more time to react. Also, temperatures generally stay below 100 degrees, oxygen levels close to regular levels, and less toxic carbon monoxide levels.

So, before your head hits the pillow tonight, double-check that you've closed your bedroom door and the doors of anyone else living in your home and be sure to read up on more reasons why it's so important to keep your door shut on the CloseYourDoor.org website.

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