UPDATE: This video has been debunked and we feel like fools.

We believed the video sent to us was valid and in good faith with the person who sent it to us, we ran with the following story. This is why, an important lesson for even us, we all need to really pay attention to what we're sharing and we apologize for any fears this may have caused.

Why would there be a train loaded up with tanks on a line in Mineola, Long Island?

There are several unknowns still surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic and what the government response will ultimately be. There are several theories about what will happen, but no solid facts.

Governor Cuomo announced Friday that 100% of non-essential businesses must shut down in an effort to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Everyday there are more and more people asking themselves, "What will happen next?"

One of the rumors being swirled about is that the federal government will declare 'martial law.' Though that seems unlikely, one Facebook user shared video she received from a friend of several tanks being transported...somewhere.

Hopefully they're all being sent to be painted somewhere, but as this pandemic evolves you never know what could happen. No matter what happens, make sure to always wash your hands and stay tuned for whatever will happen next.

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