There was a car accident around June of 2016 on Middle Settlement Road near the new Stewart's. The debris is still there almost a year later.  

Car accidents are no fun, and we especially hope no-one was injured in this particular automobile accident. And we're not saying this is the only location CNY where we see proof of an accident. We see it all over and on many other street corners.

We drive by this every day on our way to work. It got us wondering who was supposed to clean it up almost a year ago? Since the accident, we've seen the road being dug up and workers moving the debris out of the way. We've also witnessed signs being added to the traffic light telling us to yield to pedestrians.

After our YaHoo search, we came up with a few unverified answers from 9 years ago.

  • It usually falls upon the responsibility of the road maintenance department.
  • It's the tow truck driver responsibility.
  • FFs and EMS will sometimes help.
Cindy McMullen
Cindy McMullen

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