Some NFL fans like to drink to their team's success. Or failure. Or maybe they just like to drink.

Vinepair and BACtrack teamed up to find out how much fans of each NFL team drink. The findings are based on the data recorded by smartphone-linked breathalyzers over the first seven weeks of the NFL season. Numbers were only recorded for Sunday games, so any Monday and Thursday night tilts were not included.

Congrats go out to the Buffalo Bills, whose fans scored the highest blood-alcohol level at .076. The Detroit Lions came in second at .069. The way their season is going, they'd take second place in anything.

The church mice among NFL fans? Cincinnati Bengals fans, whose fans are the most sober, registering a teeny .015 BAC. Guess with their team out of the gate with a bang this season they don't want to be too inebriated to forget it.

If you'd like to see where your favorite team falls in this study, check out all the findings here.

In the meantime, if you'd like to see drunk Bills fans doing their thing on game day, here you go:

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