No matter how old we get, we all have our moments of being childish. Some of us just aren't afraid to let it out. So, when it comes to holding back the chuckles when looking at Estately's lewdest names in every state, feel free to let it flow. And to see why New York's biggest offender, really isn't that offensive.

Now it is possible we have a name lewder than Butternuts, but going by this map, we really seem to be rather G rated. To me, this just sounds like a town proud of the squash they grow and who among us can't support that?  Some of these other towns have some answering to do though.

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What exactly goes on in Rough & Ready California?

How did Mary's Igloo get a whole town in Alaska?

Tennessee is the home of Sweet Lips, but are sweet lips exclusive to the Volunteer State?

When looking at the options, Butternuts is nothing compared to Spread Eagle Wisconsin, and that is something we New Yorkers should be proud of.  Butternuts was so named due to three White Walnut trees that grew from one stump. This is a town that celebrates itself. The early settlers who named it obviously were far more advanced than our inner twelve-year-old selves that laugh at these names. It's also possible they lived very short and harsh lives so I will gladly accept being perpetually adolescent over the rough times they might have gone through.

Here's to you, Butternuts New York and your not overly lewd name.

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