Are you trying to figure out what the name of the song is that schools play at commencement and graduation ceremonies is called? The name of the song is "Pomp and Circumstance". Here's some facts about that classic tune.

Who Created This Song?

Edward Elgar is the master behind Pomp and Circumstance.


When Was This Song First Performed?

Pomp and Circumstance was first performed in 1901 in Liverpool, England with Elgar himself conducting.

In 1905 Elgar received an honorary Doctorate from Yale University. At the close of the ceremony Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance was performed as the recessional music. In the coming months Pomp was played at numerous ivy league and other prominent colleges as a part of their graduation ceremonies as well. From there the popularity of the work led to it becoming the expected march to be played at such occasions. In fact, outside of graduation ceremonies you will almost never hear it in American schools or professional performances."

So it's currently going 108 years strong.


Is There Any Lyrics To The Song?

Yes there actually is...

Land of hope and glory

Mother of the free,

How shall we extol thee,

Who are born of thee.

Wider still and wider

Shall thy bounds be set,

God who made thee mighty

Make thee mightier yet

God who made thee mighty

Make thee mightier yet "

Next time try to sing along!


What Does The Song Sound Like?