It's that time of year - graduation!  Time to wrap up the school year with a BIG assembly that's sure to aggravate a few friends and neighbors.  I'm talking about peoples' selfish behaviors.  Let's take a look at some things you (and your neighbors) should try to avoid this year.


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    That HUGE Coffee or Soda

    I really don't understand how we've become this type of society - everyone HAS to have a drink with them everywhere they go.  Please, leave it in the car!  Or at the very least, try not to leave it in the aisle where everyone can trip over it...

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    Saving Seats

    Seating is always at a premium and people get in line early to get the best seats.  But nothing bugs me more than going into an auditorium and seeing dozens of seats already reserved.  If Uncle Bob REALLY needs to be there, he should wait in line just like the rest of us!

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    Cell Phones

    Where do we begin with this one?  Please remember to turn off your phone ringer.  But most importantly, no phone call is so important that you have to answer it in the middle of the graduation ceremony.  Try to quietly excuse yourself and take your call in the hallway.

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    Picture Taking

    We have lost the ability to go to a live event and just watch it with our eyes.  Instead everyone has to view it through the screen on their camera.  That's bad enough but at school assemblies or graduations, many people feel the need to jump up and go wherever they want to get that perfect shot.  Please remember that there are other people watching the ceremony, and they don't deserve to have their view blocked by your "professional" photography skills...

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    Selfie Stick

    This is a new one.  We've been hearing about some horrific accidents involving selfie sticks.  This is something I envision happening at many graduation ceremonies this year.  Please don't bring a selfie stick to your next assembly!  There are many more tactful ways to get your favorite shot!