Mel Gibson in 'What Women Want' got more than he bargained for and Doc Brown upon solving the mystery of time travel in 'Back To The Future' says that he now needs to devote himself to studying the other great mystery of the universe... Women. Well, the folks at J Sainsbury plc did a poll of 2,000 women and looks like that mystery has been, well 'solved'... For women and men alike, here is the list of 50 things that make women feel good in order of the most important to least important and the results may surprise you!


While this list is not exhaustive, it definitely gives us all a window into women that we may not've known before, or women themselves know really. My guess is that women are all so unique individually that many will probably disagree with this list, but it's a decent generalization I think, at least in my experience.


Kinda interesting that winning an argument seemed more important on the list than having a day at the spa! So guys, print this out and keep it in a safe place for any day when gift-giving is paramount or if you're sleeping on the couch more often than not...


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