It's always fun to rewind to a time in our past.  Preferably a happy time, right? 

When I go back 40 years, (I'm showing my age now) I remember sneaking into my sister's room and "borrowing" her portable record player and a handful of 45s.  Anita Ward, Melanie, 10cc, The Captain and Tennille, just to name a few.

I  managed to put a few unwanted scratches on some of these records.  I may have left them a little too close to the radiator too.  Don't judge me, I was 7.  Either way, it was definitely a simpler time.  We spent a whole lot more time outside, then kids do today, am I right?

I remember this song by the Bee Gees.  Mostly because, at 7, I was able to mimic the voices pretty well.  Actually I was able to do it pretty good until I hit age 13.  Things changed for some reason.

Take a trip back in time with me to 1975 when the song "Jive Talkin'" by the Bee Gees, was on top of the charts.

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