A lot of us drink coffee for the taste of it and a lot of drink coffee to stay alive during the day, and some do both.

A survey of 10,000 people recently found that 85 per cent of people drink three cups daily.  I typically drink nearly an entire pot, myself, but what professions tend to suck down the most coffee?  Have a guess?  The report found that journalists are the biggest coffee drinkers.  Rightfully so, I guess. They have to keep some crazy hours to keep up with deadlines.  Next on the list are police officers and teachers.

The survey also showed that 62 percent of their respondents were not aware of the health risks of drinking too much coffee. (read by blog from last week regarding “too much coffee”). Researchers say your daily consumption should not exceed two mugs or four cups of coffee a day. Any more than that can lead to anxiety or potentially heart problems.

As for which gender consumes more of the caffeinated stuff, men slightly edge out women by 5 percent.  Yes!  We finally win at something!

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