Listen, we've all been there. There's plenty of situations where something may seem normal to someone you know, but TOTALLY makes you feel uncomfortable.

So, we asked you: what seems normal to others, but makes you feel totally uncomfortable? We got a LONG list of replies for this one, so we figured we would share them all.

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  • Stephen - "Opening gifts in front of the person who gave it to you."
  • John - "People who put bread in the freezer."
  • Beth - "Posting a Facebook status asking for “thoughts and prayers” but not announcing what is going on."
  • Hayley - "Sharing spoons."
  • Karis - "People reading newspapers (the smell and feel of them bother me so badly."
  • Tracy - "Compliments!"
  • Michelle - "When people talk really loud! too much for my ears to handle."
  • Jay - "Politics."
  • Sarah - "Posting pics of yourself kissing your SO (with the exception of an engagement or wedding photo)"
  • Ana - "Standing in lines! ...and eating in silence."
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