Ah yes, the horror flick.  One of my favorite genres ever since I was old enough to have permission to go to see them at the movies.  What's funny is, the movies we watched as kids that scared the crap out of us, seem lame and funny now because the effects are poor and everything is very fake looking.  Some of the movies I watched when I was younger are The Exorcist, The Shining, Friday the 13th, and Halloween.  Scary enough, I guess, if you're home alone with the lights off, but the one movie that takes the cake and I'm not really sure why, is the first Alien movie.  Maybe because it was my first "R" rated movie that I saw at the theatre.  For the time, the effects were great and it definitely had me looking over my shoulder for a long time after.  So what movie scared you as a kid, but seems funny to you now?  Leave your comments here or drop a line at www.facebook.com/oldiez96!