If you tune into any news channel today chances are you'll hear the word "Sequester". What is the sequester? What effects does the sequester have, and how will it effect Americans? What's going to happen today? We try to shed some light on that here thanks to our friends at 13WHAM in Rochester. 

Things You Need To Know About The Sequester


1) Stopping Cuts

Congress and the White House have until midnight tonight to reach an agreement that would stop $85 billion in spending cuts. The clock is ticking.

2) What Are Some Notable Cuts? 

Food safety inspections, military cutbacks and FAA airport tower cuts. Airports around the country run without towers, that's the logic with that cut.

3) Whats Already Happening? 

Government agencies are already taking steps to comply with automatic spending cuts scheduled for Friday (3/1).

4) Where Are Congressional Leaders?

President Obama plans to meet with congressional leaders today, but there appears to be no deal in sight. The people you voted for to handle this aren't in Washington to fix it.

Most members of Congress are going home for the weekend. Along with little progress, there’s been plenty of finger pointing."

5) How Can I Find Out More?