Oneida County Habitat For Humanity is searching for a partner family for a home renovation on Steuben St in Utica this fall.

Through homeownership, OCHFH (Oneida County Habitat For Humanity) helps develop and transform communities by building affordable and sustainable homes in partnership with lower-income families.

With volunteer labor, monetary donations, and materials OCHFH with the partner family builds or renovates their home. Houses are sold to partner families at no profit and financed with zero interest mortgages. Homeowners invest hundreds of hours building their house and the houses of others.

Homeownership opportunities with lower income families, veterans or the elderly breaks the cycle of poverty. Building safe, affordable shelter in our community leads to a stronger future.

OCHFH is currently searching for a partner family for the Homeownership Program. They will be renovating a house on Steuben St. in Utica, NY and need a family that is in need of a new, safe and reliable home. Habitat for Humanity has shown that building homes do more than put a roof over someone’s head. In good housing, families can provide stability for their children. A family’s sense of dignity and pride grows as their health, education and financial security improve.

To qualify for our homeownership program, families must show a need for adequate housing, be able to pay a no-interest mortgage and be willing to partner with Oneida County Habitat for Humanity. We encourage low-income, elderly, disabled and veteran families to apply. For more information or to apply, please visit


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