That’s the thing about polls. You can have 10 different pollsters ask the same question and get 10 different No. 1 answers. That’s apparently what’s going on with this year’s Super Bowl.

Packers Win

USA Today, Advertising Age and The Wall Street Journal are just a few who conducted Super Bowl ad polls. Then you have social networking sites with polls out the wazoo. As for what is hot on the Web, Bridgestone’s “Reply All” about a possibly disastrous e-mail reply, received 94% positive buzz, according to Zeta. That was followed by Pepsi Max’s “First Date.” The Wall Street Journal poll gave top honors to Volkswagen AG’s “The Force” spot, while USA Today’s 23rd annual poll, two spots featuring dogs tied for top prize, one from Anheuser-Busch inBev NV’s Bud Light and the other from Doritos. A slapstick spot from Snickers set in a logging camp took top prize in TiVo’s audience measurement analysis.

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