In 1967 the cost of an ad during the Super Bowl was $40.000. That's nothing compared to today.

Some people watch the game, and others only watch for the commercials. There's no doubt about it if you have something to say, sell, or promote, then the place to do it is during the Super Bowl.  This year a 30-second Super Bowl spot will cost companies over $5 million, that's $166,667 per second! Holy crap.

With over 110 million viewers each year you can expect the ad prices to continue to rise. Business Insider says $4.9 billion has been spent on advertising in the past 51 years of the Super Bowl.

We can't wait to see the new spots from Coca-Cola and Budweiser. Pepsi and Doritos, who passed on the Super Bowl last year, should be large and in charge this year.  Also to keep politics out of the game, Business Insider reports the NFL has rejected a print ad from AMVETS featuring the hashtag #PleaseStand, supposedly about NFL players who have protested by kneeling during the national anthem.

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