We still don’t have a proper trailer for Westworld Season 2, but that hasn’t stopped showrunners from doling out major hints. The second stretch of HBO’s sci-fi epic has its very own cryptic subtitle, all-but-confirming the next run will finally take us beyond Westworld.

Where Westworld Season 1 eventually came to call itself by Westworld: The Maze, Entertainment Weekly now confirms that Season 2 will go by a similar “secret title” of Westworld: The Door. Season 1’s “Maze” referred to a concept that proved more figurative than literal (hosts finding their sentience), so just how straightforward is “The Door”? Well, according to co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan, Season 2 might finally be our ticket to the world (or worlds?) outside the title park:

If the first season was a journey inward, this is a journey outward. This is a search for what is else is beyond the park, and what else is in the park. Are there more parks? How big is the park? What’s beyond the park? We think of our seasons as discrete components in the series, to the point where we’ve named our seasons. The first season was called ‘The Maze.’ The second season is called ‘The Door.’

Naturally, there are a few things to unpack here. It’s an open secret that Season 2 will at least show us more of “Shogun World,” and potentially even four parks beyond that. There’s also the hope that Season 2 provides some sort of context for the physical parks, which encompass vast landscapes, but don’t appear to belong to any specific country. Season 1 language like “rotating home” led many to believe Westworld might take place on another planet, while viral marketing appeared to set the events of Season 1 in the year 2052. Could going through “The Door” finally answer questions about the outside world?

We’ll know more as April 22 approaches, so check out the Super Bowl trailer below and stay tuned for the latest on Westworld Season 2.

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