It’s not just the parks that are getting bigger. Westworld Season 2 will super-size a number of its upcoming episodes beyond the usual hour running time, and the finale will go full-on Game of Thrones with its length.

Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy confirmed as much to Entertainment Weekly, including that Season 2’s fourth hour, “The Riddle of the Sphinx,” will run longest among the early hours. We’ve seen as much – and it’s definitely worth your attention – but you’ll have to get by on HBO’s paltry description of “Is this now? If you’re looking forward, you’re looking in the wrong direction.” They do like to play their games.

In particular, Nolan revealed the April 22 premiere will run around 70 minutes, while “The Riddle of the Sphinx” will come in just under that. Likely longest of all the new episodes is the June 24 finale, which Nolan claims “is just going to keep going and going — it’s a bit of an epic.” For reference, Game of Thrones’ longest episode was once Season 6 closer “The Winds of Winter” at 68 minutes, before Season 7 finale “The Dragon and the Wolf” clocked in at 79 minutes. The first Westworld finale was already 90 minutes, so imagine what Nolan considers “epic.”

We’ll get our first official taste of new Westworld this very Sunday, so watch the trailer below, read our review above and stay tuned.

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