Usually the town of Westmoreland is a quiet little place with not a whole lot going on with the world of crime. I grew up there, went to the schools, and still live in the area today. So when our little town has a news story, it usually produces something extremely bizarre.

WIBX is reporting that the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department and State DEC officials were greeted at the door by a living deer at a Westmoreland home over the weekend.  Authorities say they also found a living, breathing squirrel inside the dwelling as well.

Diane was charged by the Department of Environmental Conservation for having a deer and squirrel living in the residence, she was also arrested for possessing a pistol without a permit. Authorities say her Husband, Bruce, was also charged for possessing a rifle as a convicted felon.

So to sum this up: A family had a deer and squirrel living in their home. My question, how is that even possible?

[via WIBX]

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