If you drive on 5s from Utica toward the Frankfort and Ilion area, you may have more than construction to worry about.

You've probably noticed the construction area on route 5s. Whether you're heading east or west there are lane closures, and shoulder closures. In addition to the construction area and other drivers, apparently now you may have to worry about "falling objects," - Or should we say, "thrown objects?"

Ember Hart of Central New York posted a photo on Facebook after her vehicle had gotten hit with what she claims was a thrown object but not just any object, a brick!

She's not the only one who had damage done to her vehicle, though. This report came in of some minor damage, but the victims didn't know what had happened.

We were just driving home from New Hartford when something hit the car. My boyfriend thought it was an animal or something, but his friend thought someone might have thrown something. We didn't know what it was, but now we think it may have been a brick. It was in that exact same area on 5s, and the scratch marks on the car match those who reported bricks being thrown at their vehicles.

Although there wasn't a lot of damage done to this second report, you can see the scratches left on the vehicle and the crack in the bumper.

Damage Done to a Vehicle on 5s
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Have you or someone that you know had something similar happen in this area? Do you believe Hart's claims that someone is throwing objects at passing cars? Please let us know in the 'comments section' at the bottom of this page.




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