The Fort Rickey wolves in Rome recently received an exciting present. Watch how they react.

Fort Rickey

Karst Tree Service in Oneida donated a huge tree trunk to the Fort Rickey wolves. They brought in the big rig and all the equipment needed to get it into the wolf enclosure. What an exciting day for the wolves. Once they got acquainted with the tree it was time to decide who plays with it first.


Introducing new elements to the wolves environment is very important for their psychological welfare. This is a piece of wood to us, but it's promoting species-appropriate behavioral opportunities for the animals.

Fort Rickey Children's Discovery Zoo tells us this is the first time that Karst Tree Service has donated a tree stump for the wolves. "The owners are Terry and Becky Karst from Oneida and they are big fans of Fort Rickey and particularly the  wolves."

Fort Rickey

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