Brinkley is the product of a newly married couple, my niece and nephew Lindsey and Chris and he doesn't like to be ignored and gets very vocal at times.

The dog is their first child for all intensive purposes. Needless to say, he is pretty spoiled. Brinkley has a pretty good life. I plan to take his place eventually.

Every day Binkley his shuttled to his personal "Aupair," or as we say here in the good old USA, grandparents, where he is catered too, walked, taken to local coffee shops, and pretty much spoiled rotten. On the days he doesn't go to his grandparents, he goes to doggie daycare to ensure he is well socialized. He is one spoiled pooch.

When Brinkley is not receiving the attention he feels he deserves, well, he makes his feelings known. This video is just a sample of what Brinkley does when he isn't receiving the attention he deserves.




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