Thursday, April 30, the Fenimore Are Museum will hold their first Virtual Open Mic Night on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. The free online event will feature 15 local and regional performers, showcasing original work as well as new interpretations of classic pieces at 7:00 p.m.

Virtual Open Mic Night’s theme, “Triumph of the Spirit,” celebrates the indomitable strength of human willpower to find light in even the darkest of times. The evening’s performances include original songs, poetry, Shakespearean monologues, opera, short fiction, and much more. [Fenimore Art Museum]

The Fenimore remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic but is still active virtually. They are having great success with the 'Good Night At The Museum' series that features bedtime stories like Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book, fun with crafts even crossword puzzles. Find direct links at

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