With just over a week until the May 12 release of Louder Harder Faster, Warrant have unleashed the track "Perfect" that you can listen to above. It's a rocker with plenty of hooks and singalong moments.

In a recent interview, vocalist Robert Mason talked about the creation of the album. "We really took our time and waited until we had songs we liked and saw potential in," Mason reveals. "The process went on and on for a few years. We weren’t under any pressure to push out a new record quickly. We looked through a bunch of songs we had in every form form finished to skeletal and when we though we had them we called Frontier and said let’s make another record."

Mason continues, "We recorded it with Jeff Pilson producing. He’s been a friend of mine since the Lynch Mob days in ’91-92., but I’ve never worked with him. We get along really well and he’s got a fantastic studio near his place in Santa Clarita, California. It was a great process. I love the recording process. It’s a completely different animal than the touring thing we do year round. We took the whole holiday season off from shows and blocked off the time. I traveled from Arizona to California to hang out with Jeff, everybody did their part, and boom we birthed the record."

The band will hit the road in support of the album, with their next show May 12 in Las Vegas. For all their dates, go here.

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