Back in 1966 maybe you made a trip to the cinemas to catch the movie Psycho. If you missed that, you were pretty bummed out when CBS backed out of plans to broadcast it because they deemed the movie “too violent for at-home viewing”. Let's cheer you up with this Classic Car today, we are taking a look at the 1966 Chevrolet Corvette. It's probably one of the nicest vintage cars from the 60's.

The Corvette convertible could hit 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds, and ran the quarter mile in 14 seconds. "427 Turbo Jet" crossed racing flag emblems appeared above the cooling vents. Three four speed gearboxes -- wide ratio, close-ratio, and heavy-duty close ratio were optional. Side-mounted exhaust pipes were optional. A total of 5,116 L36s and 5,258 L72s were built, resulting in 38% of the 1966 Corvettes optioned with 427 power-plants.”

Check out this classic in action:




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[via Old Ride]