My wife and I use to have a lab named Quincy and every once in a while would take him to the school on Higby and turn him loose to run off some of that famous lab energy. 95% of the time Quincy would jump back in the car and ride home without any problems.

That was too good to last. The school just happened to water the grass one hour before we got to the school with Quincy. We opened the car door and Quincy was off to play and run. Labs love water. Mix dirt and water and you get a mud covered dog.

We started carrying a bunch of towels just in case Quincy ran into water and mud on one of our outings.

Now we've found the answer to our prayers...THE NISSAN DOG CAR.

It has a 360 dog shower, integrated dog dryer, slide away dog ramp, interior drying system, clip in harness hook, non-spill water dispenser, smart dog treat bowl and two way dog cam with audio. It's everything a dog could ask for as well as a dog owner. Quincy would have liked this as well as my wife

The catch - it's only a 'concept,' so far,






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