Verona Beach State Park is closed for swimming due to Blue-green algae.

Water quality at State Park beaches is sampled at least once a week for bacterial indicators of impaired water quality. Verona Beach has been issued a Category 1 Closure since July:

Category 1: Beaches with low rates of exceedance, satisfactory resample results within 24 hours, and/or wet sampling results. If these beaches are subject to an exceedance, they are immediately resampled. If other water quality factors are satisfactory at the time of resampling, the beach will remain open and the closure decision will be deferred until the resample results are obtained. The beaches are closed following an exceedance if other water quality factors (such as current weather or beach water conditions) are not satisfactory.

The spray park at Verona Beach remains open at this time, and you're encouraged to call the park for updates at (315) 762-4463.

Most algae are harmless and are an important part of the food web says The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Certain types of algae can grow quickly and form blooms, which can cover all or portions of a lake. Some species of algae can produce toxins that can be harmful to people and animals. Blooms of algal species that can produce toxins are referred to as harmful algal blooms (HABs). HABs usually occur in nutrient-rich waters, particularly during hot, calm weather.

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