Verizon says their cell phone customers are on their own if they fall for a scam that's been making it's way around the 315 area code.

You may have gotten one - or several - odd phone calls from Mauritania or other countries in Africa, from the 222 area code. If you are one of the people that let curiosity or confusion get the best of you and called back - you're going to be responsible for the massive charges that could result from making that international call.

According to, Verizon says it's their customers' responsibility to pick up the charges if they place an international phone call. AT&T only provided information about how to avoid scams, but didn't comment on whether customers would be forced to pay for any returned calls. Other cell carriers didn't bother to respond to the news station.

It goes without saying - but we'll say it again - if you get one of those calls - DO NOT CALL BACK and DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE. 

If your phone has the capability, block the number.

Otherwise, you could be stuck with a big bill - and you're gonna have to pay it.


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