In today's world, you really have to be careful about what you share with people - it could be used against you.

Messages like the one above have been circulating around Upstate New York. It appears someone sends a message claiming that they met the recipient somewhere (whether on a dating app, at a bar, etc,) looking for someone with a different name. They then send the line along the lines of  "anyway, you learned my name and how I look...what's yours?" They then use that to try to get you to send a photo of yourself.

"I thought maybe someone did just have the wrong number yesterday until I saw one of my friends share this along with a screenshot of her message that was sent to her," said Marcie Finch of Worcester, New York. Luckily, she saw one of her friends post a warning about messages like this and how dangerous it can be.

At the time I thought maybe someone just texted the wrong number so I texted back wrong number. Then, came message number 2 and that's when it seemed weird to me. I instantly blocked the number and deleted the conversation because I didn't like the way it made it feel.

The original post says this a easy way for sex traffickers to learn more information about you. By you responding to their message, and if you choose to send a photo, it could lead to something bad. Others are saying this is also just a giant scam where the texter asks you for money. Regardless of what the intention is, that's why Finch shared the post, because it could end badly for someone.

Please educate your children, family, friends, and tell them if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

The original shared post by Hannah Elizabeth Dee Larson has thousands of likes, shares, and comments of people saying they got the same text message. Have you?

If you're someone who owns a piece of technology, be smart. Safe Connections offers the following advice:

  • Stay alert and trust your instincts.

  • Consider creating new accounts for email, social media, and instant messaging.

  • Use private internet browsing settings when possible.

  • Monitor your phone’s location and privacy settings.

  • Change passwords and PIN numbers.

  • Be vigilant about the information your pictures share.

  • Collect proof of any abusive behaviors and keep records of important documents.

  • Talk to your friends and family about their technology usage.

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