Restaurateur Tim Hardiman is a hard-working man. It kind of says so, right there in his surname.

The chef, proprieter and owner of The Tailor & the Cook, the award-winning restaurant in Utica's lower downtown has faced a lot of challenges and succeeded every time. Now, he's hard at work again on another great project in the face of the Covid-19 restrictions. He's on the leading edge of a special event, scheduled for the end of the week, called Social, From a Distance - A Virtual In-Home Dining Experience.

And we can all take part.

It's a four-course meal Friday night, April 3rd, that you either pick up or have delivered. Then, you eat together with other diners online across New York State, while also connecting via virtual broadcast with top chefs in the region.

The mission of this dinner:

  • To remind people that we are still connected, still social, even from a distance.
  • To provide respite and celebration of food and people, the way restaurants have always done, but in a time of crisis we bring the restaurant to them.
  • To keep each other safe and sane - this collaboration will happen virtually, from menu development to execution.
  • To help keep restaurants, farmers, and chefs afloat during turbulent times.

Besides Hardiman, the other chefs taking part are Luke Houghton of Pure Catering & Events in Auburn; Michael Lanahan of The Cellar Modern Fusion Restaurant in Corning, and Sarah Hassler of Hassler Hospitality Group in Syracuse; plus a food consultancy named We Eat CNY, based in Manlius.

How It Works:

Guests will purchase a ticket here by Tuesday, 3/31 at 8 pm. Guests choose their preferred pickup location (or delivery-from location if applicable). Meals will be available for pickup/delivery on Friday, April 3rd from 12-4 PM at designated locations.

Guests will receive an invitation to a live broadcast featuring all four chefs. This live virtual event will begin at 6 pm on Friday, April 3rd.

The broadcast will allow for chefs to give instructions on heating, plating, and wine-pairing, as well as talk about the farmers who grew the ingredients and the inspiration behind the dishes.

Guests will have the opportunity to eat "together" as our emcee will allow time between courses for conversation, Q&As, and connection between guests - all happening virtually.

Costs: $35 per person for each meal and $20 for each bottle of wine.

Pick up locations and delivery radii: Auburn (40 miles), Corning (15 miles), Syracuse (30 miles), and Utica (30 miles).

Sit with your friends! Designate how many will be at your “table” and you will be assigned a private chat room for you to pop into between courses.

If you're interested in buying tickets or learning more, go here.

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