You can't blame a skunk for wanting a little ice cream - but maybe he should have used a spoon.

A young skunk went a little snack-happy at a CNY hotel, and ended up getting an ice cream cup stuck on it's head - prompting a call to the DEC.

On the morning of Aug. 24, ECO Jeff Hull received a call from the staff at the Hampton Inn in Utica stating they had a juvenile skunk with an ice cream cup stuck on its head running in circles in their parking lot. When he arrived, ECO Hull found exactly that.

Credit: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

The officer asked the large crowd of guests that had formed to step back as he placed a towel over the skunk and slowly removed the cup and plastic lid from its head. The skunk sprayed as soon as it was freed and ran off unharmed. (That seems a little ungrateful.)

No word on the flavor of ice cream involved. Although, on closer inspection - that looks like a McDonald's McFlurry cup, so that's definitely worth getting stuck in.