The weather in Central New York is never the most reliable but the predictions for the 2018 winter are at complete odds. The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a snowier and colder than normal winter while the National Weather Service is saying we'll have a green Christmas.

The Climate Prediction Center, the long-range forecasting arm of the National Weather Service says the best odds for the northeast in 2018 is a warmer than average with about normal snowfall. Chances for El Nino are near 70% during the Northern Hemisphere winter 2018-2019.

Jon Hitchcock, the meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says "It's too early to tell with any degree of certainty how strong this El Nino may become." Keep in mind you are still at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean and winter storms. After all, its still winter in the northeast.

The Farmer's Almanac on the other hand bases its predictions, not on satellite data but a 200-year-old secret formula developed by the almanac's first editor. The only person who knows the formula the almanac says is an anonymous prognosticator who goes by the pseudonym "Caleb Weatherbee."

These predictions only cover three-to-four day forecasts across the entire northeast, not just New York and have already been wrong multiple times this year. The best bet is probably El Nino's impact. Bearing in mind that we are still at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean and winter storms. After all, it's still winter in the northeast.


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