Another week, another big increase at the gas pumps.

AAA Northeast says New York’s average price is up 18-cents from last week to $4.44 a gallon.

Today’s price is 76-cents higher than a month ago and 12-cents higher than the national average.

AAA Northeast
AAA Northeast

The average price in the Utica-Rome area is $4.39 a gallon, also up 18-cents from last week.

But there is some good news.

Utica-Rome does have the second lowest average gas price of any region in the state.

Batavia has the lowest price at $4.38.

Dutchess-Putnam County has the highest average price at $4.52 a gallon.

Patti Artessa, Regional Director of Public/Government Affairs, says after cresting above $123 per barrel shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the price of crude oil has gradually fallen below $110.

She says if that trend holds, it may remove some of the extreme upward price pressure consumers have found at the pump, but not all. 

“It bears reminding that the cost of oil accounts for about 50% of what drivers pay at the pump,” said Artessa, “This war is roiling an already tight global oil market and making it hard to determine if we are near a peak for pump prices, or if they keep grinding higher. It all depends on the direction of oil prices.”

Here are the latest prices from around the region according to AAA Northeast.

Region Current Price*  One Week Ago  One Month Ago  One Year Ago

New York State $4.44  $4.26  $3.68  $2.89

Utica, NY $4.39  $4.21  $3.70  $2.91

Massachusetts $4.35  $4.16  $3.49  $2.75

Connecticut $4.46  $4.28  $3.62  $2.87

Pennsylvania $4.42  $4.23  $3.68 $3.02

*Prices as of March 14, 2022

You can get up-to-date fuel price information at AAA Gas Prices.

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