On Friday, December 15, a staff member who smelled alcohol on an upstate school bus driver and told the person to stay put, but the driver took off with a bus full of students.

Supposedly a co-worker smelled alcohol on a bus driver and told the person stay were they were but the request was ignored and the bus driver took off with a school bus full of students.

The transportation supervisor was finally able to convince the driver to turn the bus around and come back to the school. The driver was later tested for alcohol and had a BAC of .04.

WTEN reports that the bus driver for Montessori Magnet School in Albany is facing termination as the school has a zero-tolerance policy. School officials sent a letter home to parents saying " the driver ignored an order to stay put and drove off."

Thankfully none of the students were injured, and the bus company has suspended the driver.

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[Information from WTEN-TV]


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