Some Upstate NY families are receiving a creepy 'Joker Warning' in the mail that looks like it's covered in blood.

Joker playing cards that look like they're smeared in blood with the date 10/31 are showing up in mailboxes across Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester. The cryptic messages were found in at least six mailboxes and leave residents wondering what will happen on Halloween? Are their homes, family or pets in danger?

Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast reminds movie buffs that the joker playing card was featured prominently in the 2008 film The Dark Knight which famously featured Heath Ledger playing the iconic Batman villain. Maybe the character's affinity for playing cards has inspired some teenagers to prank the Henrietta area for Halloween? Or could it be more sinister?

Do you think this is as scary as the Creepy Clown signings from 2016?

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