Police say two young girls were chased by a clown in Oneida County. 

WIBX is reporting a clown chased two young girls ages 8 and 11 at around 7 pm near a park in the town of Trenton.

The clown was described as a man with red and white face paint, orange wig, form-fitting yellow pants and a gray and white shirt possibly in his late teens or early 20's.

The young girls were on the hiking path near the Trenton Park when the clown jumped out and chased them. They did get away and called for help.

Deputies ask anyone with information on the identity of the clown to call 315-765-2776.

We have placed a call to Lieutenant James Paravoti of the Oneida County Sheriffs Department and are awaiting a callback.

Atlas Obscura.com

Atlas Obsecura has released an interactive map tracking clown sightings and threats across America with several listed in CNY.

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