Weeks have passed and there are still no leads in the case of a missing twenty-six year old mare named Carrie from Oriskany Creek Farm, owned by Tim and Becky Czarnocki of Clinton, New York.

Becky says simply that "no one is talking."  Fearing that a horse simply cannot just go missing, they fear the worst but are hoping for the best.

"When she is returned we will broadcast it and celebrate as loud as we can," Becky said in a telephone interview on Tuesday, August 20, 2013.  "But we just don't know what to do. There is no other information we can give or have."

The farm is the only home Carrie has known and a change in setting for an older horse can be unnerving.  The horse has been a part of therapy and Special Olympics programs which Oriskany Creek Farm has hosted over the years.

She is a bay (chestnut brown) Morgan with a small white star on her forehead.  She has white socks on her back legs and a smaller sock on the left front leg.

Her owners are begging for anyone with information to call them at: (315) 838.8770 or Kirkland Police at (315) 853.2924.  A reward is being offered through Mohawk Valley Pet Lost & Found for information leading to Carrie's safe recovery.

The original story, with additional photos of Carrie, appears below:


Have You Seen Carrie The Horse?                     A horse has gone missing and her family and police are asking for your help finding her. Carrie is a twenty-six year old mare who is believed to have been intentionally taken from her home at Oriskany Creek Farm in Clinton. Fencing surrounding the property was not broken and the gate was not open.


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