A woman in Northern New York is searching for a new home for a horse she rescued from an unsafe situation.

Molly Phelix of Massena posted about the horse on her Facebook and said she rescued Review Me, a 19-year-old standard-bred mare from an Amish group. Phelix said the mare, at her elevated age, is not sound for riding, driving or breeding, but her former owners were still using her. When Phelix first rescued her, Review Me was extremely skinny and covered in bruises.

Courtesy of Molly Phelix


Courtesy of Molly Phelix
Courtesy of Molly Phelix

Now Review Me is gaining weight fast and is fully vet-checked; She's just searching for a home to call her own.

"She is very sweet and thinks she should be able to eat cookies all day," Phelix posted. "She great about everything and super super smart but sadly doesn't mix with my broodmares [because] they are [too] hostile for her."

Phelix said Review Me is easy to keep, but requires a dry box stall, a pasture with a lean-to, and "absolutely no barb[ed] wire fencing."

There is not a rehoming fee for Review Me, but Phelix will require adopters to sign a contract to ensure the horse's safety.

If you're interested in adopting this sweet old gal and providing her a home for retirement (with plenty of cookies, of course), message Molly Phelix on Facebook or call 315-842-9464.

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