It seems that August 5th and 6th have been pretty big days in our listening area for UFO sightings. We have two new reports to report on of sightings over Cold Brook and Earlville New York. The next question is are these sightings related to the Rome New York sightings?

Our first report from Mufon comes from Cold Brook on August 6th around 9PM. From our post about Rome, the sightings happened so far around the same time:

The other night I was standing on my porch in Cold Brook N.Y. smoking a cigarette and talking to my cousin on the phone between 9-10pm. The sky was clear and I took notice to a really bright star south from where I was and was instantly startled when it began to move. Startled because, when I first noticed it, it wasnt moving. It was a really solid bright light, like it was made of light and way brighter than the other stars that were visible. It appeared to be diamond like in shape. Its hard to explain its movements. Something didnt feel right. It didnt move erratically, it had an unusual smoothness about it, different than a plane, like there was no resistance. It started off slow like a plane at a high altitude, but after about 15 seconds or so of watching it move I became startled again, because I realized it was well lower than I thought and picking up speed right over my house. It took about 3 seconds to move over my house. It was gone, I didnt see it again. The whole thing lasted about 15-30 seconds. I wrote it off as a plane at a weird angel, but after seeing posts of similar sightings of bright white light objects flying around, I became compelled to share this story here."

It seems very similar to our other sightings from the other day. The next report comes from Earlville NY, around 10:30PM

We had a campfire in our backyard. When the fire was out, myself and my husband and son started star gazing for a minute before going into the house for the evening. All of a sudden this very bright circular object appeared above the tree tops and just hovered above. The object did not look far away and what struck me was how bright it remained. Within 30 seconds the object headed silently over our wooded area and disappeared at a fast rate. Today, August 8th I noticed on the internet, articles and pictures not far from where we live, of other sightings on or around the same date we saw the object. I was astounded to see the photos where identical to what we had seen on August 6th 2013. I cant believe it! Others in my area have seen the same object."

Both reports report bright lights that just hover. So it seems possibly that both sightings may have a connection.

Is there any connections between these sightings? Also, do you think it's Griffis testing drones?

Comment below with your thoughts.


UFO's Spotted Over Rome And Utica On August 5th And 6th 2013

The past two days have been filled with UFO sightings over Rome, and Utica New York. We have three reports to share.

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