In 2018, the New York state population dropped by 48,500 residents. What towns and cities in Central New York are shrinking? took a look at the 50 villages and cities in Upstate New York that have had the most population loss since 2010.

We've also included the year over year population loss for each place, as well as their total 2018 population and their rank on the previous year's list of fastest shrinking towns."

Lucky for us in Central New York, only two villages were listed. However, we did have the number one slot on the top 50:

#23 Earlville, village (Madison County)
Decrease since 2010: -7.0% (-61)
Change since 2017: -0.6 (-5)
Population in 2018: 809
Previous rank: #49


#1 Morrisville, village (Madison County)
Decrease since 2010: -19.9% (-431)
Change since 2017: -0.1% (-2)
Population in 2018: 1732
Previous rank: #1

You can check out their full list online.

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