The Eagle has acquired a video of what could be a UFO in Ilion, and there's an official report of a UFO landing in North Utica.

News of a "UFO 'Hovering' Over Street In Utica," and the UFO over Rome has Eagle listeners sending us videos of what they think could be a UFO. Keep them coming!

Hilary from Ilion has contacted us with a video that her daughter captured in August.

My daughter (Mia Adorino) took this recording on 8/24/19 at 8:29 pm over Ilion, NY. She had just shown it to me today, and it reminded me of your Facebook post from Aug 28th. Check it out. It looks similar to the one you posted ~ Thanks, Hilary

Mia says the object was moving pretty fast across the sky, faster than a plane. It was visible for approximately 3-5 minutes, and the object was pulsating/blinking and orange color/light. After she spotted the object it came to a stop and then just disappeared not even a minute after she stopped filming.

Well, what do you think?

The National UFO Reporting Center has received a report of a UFO landing in North Utica. The event was 1 minute long and witnessed by two people. Because the report was anonymous, it has been flagged as a possible hoax.

Occurred: 9/3/2019 23:00 (Entered as : 9/3/2019 23:00)
Reported: 9/5/2019 11:32:57 AM 11:32

If you think you've seen an Unidentified Flying Object then please contact the National UFO Reporting Center. They have been in operation since 1974 and claim to be the most comprehensive and up to date UFO information source.

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