Someone from Rome has come forward with a video of what they think is a UFO. Do you agree?

Our story of "UFO Allegedly 'Hovers' Over Street In Utica," from the National UFO Reporting Center had Missy Guggi saying she saw the same thing!  According to the initial report, a UFO was spotted on August 13, 2019, at 6:04:58 PM in Utica, NY. A red sphere was hovering low the street.

Missy Guggi of Rome tells us:

I seen the SAME THING in Rome at 9:52 Aug 19, 2019 I recorded a bit of it too! They are here! It wasn't no DRONE

I asked Missy where she was when this happened.

I was sitting on my bed and looked out my window and saw an orange/red ball sitting in the sky, as soon as I saw the ball, it SHOT at me like a softball, then I was in a state of shock kind of and it formed a RED TRIANGLE with slants on each side...I know it sounds crazy...I ran down stairs with my phone and that's when I started the video, that was the tail end of what actually happened..I drew a quick picture to explain to my friend what it looked like when it shot at me like a softball and it looked like this (yellow) in the middle, then orange around the yellow and the RED around the orange that surrounds the yellow...then it turned into a RED TRIANGLE with slants on the sides..I will send you my drawings as was beautiful but very scary

Missy Guggi
Missy Guggi

The following video was filmed in Rome, NY, above West Dominick St on Aug. 19th, 2019. Melissa's video shows a possible UFO floating above Chrissy's pub or Eddie's dinner.

We asked Melissa how long the UFO was there hovering over Rome:

I'd say about 3 minutes altogether. I have seen black triangles fly over my house too, they HAVE to know they are here, we still have military defense on base.

If you think you've seen an Unidentified Flying Object then please contact the National UFO Reporting Center. They have been in operation since 1974 and claim to be the most comprehensive and up to date UFO information source.