Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water we had to provide a story like this.... In Mississippi two 700 pound alligators.

It’s only been a handful of days since the start of Mississippi’s alligator hunting season and already it's proving to be a record breaking year.

It took Beth Trammell and her team of six people an hour and a half to bring down the 723-pound beast after it became hooked on their lines. Trammell told the Clarion-Ledger that when the alligator finally surfaced beside the boat, she screamed, “Oh, my gosh. It’s the Loch Ness monster.” After another two hours, and the assistance of a few extra hunters, the alligator was hoisted into their boat and taken back to shore to be weighed and measured, and a new, albeit short-lived, state record was set."

Apparently this wasn't the first big catch of the year either. Click here to read more from Buzzfeed.

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