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photo credit - Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Little sleepy Batavia had their hands full this past week when they answered a 911 call. Normally you would expect a 911 to be an accident, heart attack, a true emergency, and most first responders would agree

So, I'm sure you can imagine the response that came from the two officers that found themselves face to face with a 4-foot alligator. Four feet doesn't sound all that much but any alligator over a foot scares the dickens out of me, Just the face gets me motivated o beat feet and vacate the area.

The two officers immediately notified the New York State Department of Conservation, who sent an environment officer to the site. Police were able to capture the alligator and turn it over to the environmental conservation officer. According to the DEC, the Seneca Park  Zoo has agreed to house the alligator until it can be relocated to a permanent facility

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