What's better than a day off at the beach? Visiting new ones you have yet to discover! It's no secret the shores of Long Island have miles and miles of beaches to enjoy. Since most CNY natives refer to a lake shore as 'the beach' and might not fancy a drive down state, we've included some favorite beaches throughout the entire state.

1.) Wildwood State Park
Nestled in a natural 767 acre state park, a 2 mile long beach sits on the north shore of Long Island.

2.) Rockaway Beach
Located in the historic area of Fort Tilden, this is the only city beach that it's legal to surf! Catch some waves, swim and find other activities along the shore.

3.) Robert Moses State Park
An ocean beachfront haven, that draws millions of visitors annually, provides miles of beach to play, surf and swim.
5.) Fairhaven State Park
Visit this beach on the shore of Lake Ontario while camping, hiking, fishing or enjoying any other summer activity. 

7.) Sandy Island Beach State Park
Another beach tucked away on the shore of Lake Ontario that will give you an amazing sunset view. 


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