Most cat owners are aware of the toxic risks of having a live poinsettia in the same area as their cat, but do you know about the other Christmas hazards looming in almost everyone's home this time of year?

If you're a new kitty parent, here's why poinsettias are toxic. They have a milky sap that can cause tummy troubles like vomiting, drooling, or diarrhea if ingested by your cat. If you LOVE poinsettias, then we suggest investing in fake ones.

Top 5 Cat Hazards During The Holidays:


Decorations: Some curious cats like to eat tinsel, and then you later see it hanging out of their bum. They can also break and then eat glass ornaments and must be kept away from spray-on snow, tin foil, plastic wrap /shrink-wrap, styrofoam peanuts, and ribbon as they can kill a cat if eaten.


Mistletoe: Conscious Cat reports the plant, and especially the berries, are extremely toxic to pets. A severe case can cause low blood pressure, stumbling, and even seizures.


Christmas lilies: Did you know plants in the lily family are highly toxic to cats? Yes, members of the Lilium and hermerocallis varieties are toxic to cats, and that includes Easter lilies, Christmas lilies, tiger lilies, and daylilies. If a cat ingests any of the pollen, it could cause kidney failure.

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Christmas tree preservatives: If your cat drinks out of the Christmas tree water, don't use preservatives to keep it fresh longer as they contain dangerous chemicals harmful to all pets.


Potpourri: Most liquid potpourri and essential oils, especially oil of cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, peppermint, pine, sweet birch, tea tree (melaleuca), wintergreen, and ylang-ylang, are poisonous, says Conscious Cat. Also, a cat’s nose is so sensitive that even scented candles are too overpowering.

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