The bacon craze continues to grow. If you're already on board, you'll probably need to know these important bacon rules.

 1 - Bacon Goes with Everything. It's great with something light, like on a salad. It goes in the meal of your main course - No matter what it is, bacon goes with it. And don't forget dessert. Have you ever had chocolate covered bacon? It's amazing!

2 - There's No Wrong Way to Eat Bacon. Whether you like to pull apart bacon slowly, or eat it in large bites, there's no wrong way to eat it. As long as you enjoy the fact that you're eating bacon, you're doing it right.

3 - Cold Bacon is Still Good Bacon. So, the bacon sat out a little longer than you expected and it got a little cold. No worries - It's still good. Don't believe me? Try it.

4 - Actually... There is No Such Thing as Bad Bacon. Even if it's a little overcooked (or even A LOT overcooked), it's still good. If the bacon isn't made just to your liking, you'll still eat it. You don't waste bacon.

Crispy Organic Unhealthy Bacon

5 - You Don't Waste Bacon. Like it was just stated above, bacon doesn't go to waste. If it falls on the floor, you still eat it. (You get like a '30 second rule' when it comes to bacon). No matter what, you don't waste the goodness that is bacon.

6 - There are No Leftovers When it Comes to Bacon. It's just impossible to do. Let's say you make BLTs and after everyone has a sandwich, there's still half a plate of bacon left. Don't worry, it will get eaten. No one can save bacon until the next day, no matter how hard you try.

7 - People Who Don't Like Bacon Cannot Be Trusted. How could you possibly not like bacon? It's understandable if it's not your favorite food in the whole world, but to dislike it?! Is that even humanly possible??

8 - Bacon Should be Its Own Food Group. It really should. It doesn't fit with the 'meat' group and it doesn't fit with the 'sugary, fatty' group. It should be a little slice on the food pyramid that shows you should eat bacon at least once a week. At least.

 9 - Bacon Brings People Together. Had a fight with your significant other? Make dinner - something with bacon in it. How can someone stay mad at you if you offer them bacon?

10 - Respect the Bacon. Plain and simple - Bacon deserves respect. Enjoy it, but don't take it for granted. Don't scarf it down like it will last forever. Respect.




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