Stop and think about it today is National Go Fishing day, can you think of a better reason to get out of work early and spend the day with friends and family.

Take time from your daily routine to find a stream, pond, lake or river bait your hook, cast your line and catch a fish or two.

Recreational fishing includes conventions, rules, licensing restrictions, and laws the limit the way the fish can be caught. Don't let that slow you down grab your rod, reel, line, bait and hooks and head for your favorite fishing spot.

Some very serious fisherman still swear fish feeding patterns are influenced by the position of the sun and the moon. We've been down this road before coming up with all sorts of reasons to fish a certain way, or fish during a certain time of day or week. Some cases it works most of the time, like for me, not so much.

Fun fact, " earliest know English essay on recreational fishing was published in 1496".

The best idea right now is to call your friends, sneak out early from work grab your gear and go fishing.

Don't forget your fishing license.


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